Ezra: Went for 2 try dives with Geidre and Enrique and they were extremely helpful. Even if you have never dived before, you will be guided step by step, starting from as shallow as 3m to about 11m. This diving experience was no frills. No pool sessions. Just pure scuba diving fun. Highly recommended.

Visited February 2017

Kontaktai: ethory@hotmail.com
2017.03.17 21:35:56

Clare: Booked in for one dive with Giedre and Enrique and ended up going back twice more during my 4 day visit to Tenerife. They are both amazing instructors, so warm, friendly and clearly very passionate about diving and also about teaching especially those who are nervous or unsure about their first diving experience. They have the passion as if it was the first time they are taking someone out but with over 15 years experience, they took me right from the beginning at my own pace making everything clear, understandable and achievable.

I booked to go on my own and each time I went out I had Enrique as my instructor who gave me one to one tuition. This was really fantastic as if you need more time to get the hang of anything then no problem but if you had got it then we could move on at my own pace, also on the second and third visit we went straight out into the water.

Enrique was by my side the whole time, I really felt totally comfortable and that I was in very safe hands. I knew he was
Kontaktai: clare@thedandyarthouse.com
2017.03.17 21:27:18

Saulius : Puikus pirmas nardymas su Giedre
2017.03.01 22:47:18

Sandra&Gediminas: Labai ačiū už galimybę susipažinti su povandeniniu pasauliu :) Giedre, esate puiki instruktorė-komunikabili, kantri, draugiška, rūpestinga, puikiai ir labai suprantamai išaiškinanti nardymo subtilybes. Rekomenduojame visiems lankantiesiems Tenerifėje pasimėgauti Atlanto vandenynu kartu su Giedre. :) Dar kartą ačiū ir tikiuosi iki pasimatymo ;)
Kontaktai: Lietuva
2017.02.28 20:07:55

Françoise, Cristina & Dylan: Very nice Try Dive with Giedre and Enrique! They are perfect instructors, very friendly, caring and competent. We couldn’t have been in better hands. It’s obvious that they love their job. They do their best to make your first dive a memorable experience and if you wish to have it filmed, they also offer that service. We were there a couple weeks ago (in February) but were not cold in the water. The marine life we saw included a sea slug, an octopus and an arrow crab. Thank you Giedre and Enrique!

Visited in February 2017
2017.02.25 14:50:58

Amina & Robert : Спасибо большое инструктору Гедре за незабываемое погружение!!! Под водой было очень красиво и весело☺️☺️ Все было супер👌👌Обязательно буду нырять ещё раз!!!

2017.02.21 16:53:29

Lauryna Meg: I did two dives with Giedre so far. She is very professional and attentive. everything went as smooth as it could and I enjoyed every minute! It was my first dive after long brake and I was impressed how she kept an eye on me and made me feel safe and calm.
Overall, an amazing diving experience - I will definitely go back for another dive! Thank you!

Visited January 2017

Kontaktai: Lauryna Meg Facebook
2017.02.01 17:11:12

Denis D.: A very nice experience with very good personnel. Both Giedre and Enrique are very nice people with lots of experience. Very good if you want to become a PADI diver.

Visited January 2017
Kontaktai: denis.diaconescu@yahoo.com
2017.02.01 17:05:37

Deivis Riauba: I am very grateful for the great professional services here. Had great time! Greetings for Giedre, Endrique and all team. Hope come back soon. Keep calm and dive on ;)

-Deivis, 2017
Kontaktai: +37064053567
2017.01.11 14:17:27

Sven Bruxx: We did 3 dives with Giedre and Enrique. It was the first time diving. First information, what is possible and what do you want to avoid doing when you are under water. When we got into the water the instructor had here eyes good on us, it was a controlled dive. It was a very good 1ste dive.
In our 2 and 3 dive we knew wat to do so the instructor did not pay that much attention to us, but ofcourse they still watched us. We are planning to do a diving course with these people.
Very friendly people. And there English was astonishing. We did understand everything. Highly recommended! Thanks for this Awesome experience!
Kontaktai: svenbruxx@facebook.com
2016.12.27 21:07:25

Kristupas Dagilis: Wonderful diving experience, extremely friendly staff and one of the best diving experiences we had, the best choice for diving in Tenerife, there is also a amazing variety of fish and creatures to explore in a amazing location, could ask for anything better 10/10!!!!!!!
Kontaktai: dagilis.kristupas@gmail.com
2016.12.27 20:57:42

Mark: This will be a long review but please stick with it, I think it's worth it.

The title above sums up my experience of diving with GE diving.
I was heading for a week holidays in Los Cristianos so dutifully looked up trip advisor for a good dive shop in the area and GE diving came up tops so I sent an email with lots of questions and waited for the reply, I did not wait long and with all my questions answered I decided to book with GE diving ( and I'm so happy I did )

I was doing a 10 dive package for 260 Euro, equipment included ( really excellent price btw ) and we had arranged for my pickup to be outside my hotel on the Monday morning at 8.55, so all ready I waited outside the hotel expecting to have to wait for 5/10 mins but no, bang on time Giedre and Enrique arrived to bring me to the dive shop ( punctuality that was replicated every day I might add ) A very pleasent and smiling Giedre and Enrique introduced themselves and once in the car we all got to know one another, Gied
Kontaktai: markfcasey@netscape.net
2016.12.14 18:39:48

Marga Rita: That was amazing! Both Giedre and Enrique are the real professionals and we would recommend them with a great pleasure, especially for families with kids. It was the first time for our family to have test dive. We have two boys, 10 and 12 years old and I was worry that they would not manage to do everything properly. Giedre gave us a very clear instructions, with all these small details (which become much bigger when you are under water), together with kids she repeated the most important things for several times until she was sure that they’ve got her. She is very caring, very gentle instructor and does her work with a great passion. I had some worries how our children would be under water, but Giedre hold my elder son’s hand all the time, so I was sure that everything is under control. We all felt very safe with Giedre and Enrique. Although the ocean was not the best that morning, we saw a lot of fishes and even could feed them. After dive our boys told that it was the most interesti
Kontaktai: https://www.facebook.com/Margute
2016.12.12 20:57:45

JTaw 876: I have never been scuba diving before but it is something I have always wanted to do, so I was keen to give it a go with my boyfriend during our holiday to Tenerife. After doing some research I emailed Giedre to arrange our Try Dive. It was easy to book and my multiple emails full of questions were all answered quickly. On the day we arrived and Giedre spent about an hour talking us through all the equipment we would be using and the basics of scuba diving. We then drove in the minibus down to the beach where we got in the sea and spent time getting used to the experience of breathing under water in the shallows. When we were ready, we went on a dive lasting 45 minutes and going 8m deep! We saw lots of fish which we were able to feed and also held a starfish. We felt at ease with Giedre, she held our hands when she felt we needed it and was constantly making sure we were ok. She took lots of photos and videos which we paid an extra 10 euros for and were sent to us the next day (well wo
Kontaktai: Dundee, United Kingdom
2016.12.12 20:49:23

Lolita D.: Very friendly and helpful teachers. Amazing expierance and very beautiful views in ocean :) I recomend Giedre and Enrique Diving in Tenerife for all. It is the best people :) !!!!

2016.12.12 20:44:22

Fernando : Gracias Giedre, gracias Enrique. Qué decir del buceo de hoy. Un espectáculo único, en Montaña de Guaza y no es sólo un cumplido hacia ellos (son grandes profesionales con muchos años de trabajo encima y muy respetados en la isla). Llevo buceando desde 1992 y ésta ha sido quizás, la inmersión más alucinante y provechosa que he vivido. Obispos, tortugas, chuchos y delfines en 70 minutos inolvidables. Saludos
Kontaktai: jmafernando@hotmail.es
2016.12.02 17:48:12

Pauline: Thank you both once again for the most fantastic diving Without your great help and assistance l would not still be diving. Your the best. See you both in march. Kisses for Kiera . Keep doing the long swims. Pauline546120
2016.11.03 17:42:33

Alvydas ir Rasa: Norejom padekoti uz nerealius ispudzius.Aciu Enrikei it Tau Giedre uz profesionalu darba.Jus nuostabus.2016.10.01
Kontaktai: Londonas
2016.10.30 19:58:02

Yuri: Спасибо большое Гедре за прекрасное погружение. Получили огромное количество прекрасных впечатлений. Погружались вместе с дочкой 15 лет ( она в первый раз). Все прошло супер. Хочется обязательно повторить.
Как итог: отличное настроение, познание неизведанного, великолепный отдых от мирской суеты.
Гедре, как инструктор, просто умница.
Kontaktai: shop5551@mail.ru
2016.07.25 23:38:07

Nadine + Alex: Ganz ganz großes Danke an Giedre und Enrique für zwei echt tolle Tauchgänge in entspannter und professioneller Athmosphäre!!! Schildkröten, Rochen und Tintenfische konnten wir auf unseren Ausflügen treffen. Uns hat besonders gefallen, daß die beiden im Einklang mit der Natur tauchen (kein Anfüttern und statt dessen lieber etwas Müll mit aus dem Ozean nehmen) Basis und Equipment wirkten sehr gepflegt. Am besten per mail oder Telefon Kontakt aufnehmen, da die Basis nicht ständig besetzt ist. FAZIT: uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen!!!
Kontaktai: roeske99@googlemail.com
2015.11.21 23:07:37

Christian: Dear Giedre, I never thought that diving could be souch a wonderfull experience. I am so thankfull that I had my first and second dive with you. You gave me confidence and due to your professionality I felt secure and save all the time. Los Christianos is a fantastic spot - you showed me nice places. What I also liked is that you feel responsible for the environment too - because of that at the end of the course you always picked up some plastic bags or other thing which some stupid people throw in the water. Thank you for that too!!
Be sure - next time I`m gonna contact you again! Thank you for everything!

Professional - competent - best diving instructor in Tenerife!!

Christian :))
Kontaktai: nhp.arndt@gmail.com
2015.09.15 15:40:15

Дмитрий: Гедре классная))) спокойный знающий специалист- педагог с чудесным знанием русского языка, что немаловажно(ее 'камнюшки' это просто супер).. Первый раз нырнули, 9 метров!, масса впечатлений, супруге тоже очень понравилось, оказывается морских ежей маленьких можно аккуратно брать в руки, океан под водой- песня!!! Крайне недорого, устали конечно же за полдня, но нисколько не жалеем ни о чём. Рекомендуем всем, особенно землякам, которые будут отдыхать на тенерифе и надоест просто загорать и жрать))))
Kontaktai: naddim76@mail.ru
2015.06.07 15:21:44

Надежда: Фантастичное подводное приключение! Сначала сильно переживала, и боялась что не получится, что что нибудь забуду и сделаю неправильно,но оказалось, напрасно. Гедре все очень понятно объяснила, показала и поодерживала! Все просто супер ! Особенно когда перестаешь думать как дышать и все ли правильно))) и уже можно смотреть по сторонам и видеть рыбок и даже осьминога:-) прекрасный, удивительный подводный мир!!!!
Спасибо большое, Гедре!!!
Kontaktai: naddim73@mail.ru
2015.06.07 15:16:43

Arturas: Dear, Giedre&Enrique,
Thanks for the one of the best dream in my life. I was a little bit nervous, when I sat in Your car, all travel i was thinking, how deep we will dive, and maybe shark will catch us. But that was just imagine :D Giedre was with smile in her face, and then i realized that she loves her job. Maybe ''job'' isn't sounds good, I think better call passion. Your instruction about diving was short and very clear, maybe just equipment was little bit hard :D
First what i saw under water was very beautiful squid, i think it was cuttlefish or smth like that. Then I understood that diving will be good. When You gave me sea star, that was strange, but really nice feeling ;) Maybe yes, like Aiste said: our diving didn't have extreme, but that was just first time, next time we will dive in front of You :D Although our diving was about an hour, for me that was like 5 minutes. Thank You again and see You around.
And I'm really thinking about license ;)

Best wishes from Lithuania

Kontaktai: siuipys.arturas@gmail.com
2015.04.27 19:29:42

Aistė: Giedre, Enrique, esat AWESOME!!!!! :)))) išsipildėt mano svajonę. Kai pirmą kartą mano brolis pas jus nardė iškart pasakiau, kai būsiu Tenerifėje nieko nežinau varysim pas Giedrę. Susitikus jaučiausi, kaip Giedrę būčiau pažinojus 10 metų, draugiška, komunikabili, su šypsena, puikiai instruktavo mus. Gal dar nebuvom tokei ekstremalai plaukti gilyn, bet kitą kartą pažadu, nersim dar giliau :)))) Giedre, Enrique Jūs tokie nerealūs, Enriques maistas TOBULAS!!! Paella - SUPER!! God, noriu vėl į Tenerifę!!! P.s. Artūras rimtai galvoja apie licenciją :))) Didžiausi linkėjimai Jums, visiems rekomenduoju kai lankysitės Tenerifėje aplankyti ir Giedrę su Enrique. Ačiū už superinį laiką praleistą su Jumis ;) Iki pasimatymo!!!! :*
Kontaktai: aistedainiute@yahoo.com
2015.04.27 11:35:06