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Discover Scuba Diving

So, what the first time is like….. under water?

      If you want to experience incredible sensations like breathing under water and enjoy the underwater world, we have an excellent suggestion – even if you have no diving experience and aren’t a great swimmer.

      Diving is available for people older than 10 years. The sessions (date and time) can be ordered by phone or email. At an arranged time we will pick you up and after the entertainment is over, get you back where it’s convenient for you without any additional charge.

      Diving is accompanied by one of us.
      During a dive the instructor attends to 2 people at most.

      First dive takes place from the shore. The advantage is that new divers have enough time to accommodate themselves to fresh experiences and admire the underwater life at the same time.

      On the day of the dive we fill in the medical form and begin from the first part of preparing to dive – the theory. During which you get to know the basic, most important diving rules. We explain how to breathe, swim, use diving equipment and communicate under water. And, of course, we answer all your questions.

      The second part takes place in the “Las Vistas” beach, which is only 100m from the diving centre. Waist-deep in the water we teach the most important thing: BREATHING UNDER WATER! You will be learning it until you feel safe and comfortable. You will also learn to swim and move under water. The beginners can hold on to the instructor’s hand to feel more secure.

  When you feel that you are ready we will begin the first dive that will last for about 45 minutes. Diving will give you a chance to witness the colourful animals and plants of the Atlantic Ocean.


Everyone willing to remember this, can bring back photos and videos.  WE ENSURE AN UNIQUE AND UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE !